Past Events


14 - 15 January 2012 - Blue Dolphin PlaySkool Bali Kuta Soft Opening and Open House

On 14 and 15 January 2012, Blue Dolphin PlaySkool Kuta-Bali launched the centre for public viewing. Our intent to provide a high standard education to children in Bali is realized with the establishment of this new location. The soft opening started at 8.30 in the morning. Parents were really enjoying the skool tour guided by Teacher Yati and Teacher Sophy.

The children were entertained by the teachers doing creativity work in the classrooms. They experienced hands-on activities such as working with the manipulative kits and making lollipops with the teachers inside the classrooms. Some children preferred to play outdoorSsin the playground and in the sand play area.

Both parents and children felt very much at home and comfortable given the hospitality of the teachers and staffs of Blue Dolphin PlaySkool.

10 - 11 December 2011 - Edu Fair

Blue Dolphin Playskool organized an Edu Fair in early December last year. The theme was “Love to Learn, Learn to Love”. The purpose of the Edu Fair was to invite both existing as well as the new parents and children to experience the Blue Dolphin curriculum and class activities. Our guests were invited to participate in learning English, Science and Math in a fun way.

It was the first time, Blue Dolphin Playskool held the event OVER two days. Day 1 was targeted at children aged 18 months to 3 years. Day 2 was targeted more at children aged 3 years to 6 years.

During the English class activity, the children were making head bands and decorating them with letter ‘i’ for inky’s mouse. The bigger children were making lollipop-like candies from a colorful string stuck with an ice cream stick.

In the Science centre, the younger children enjoyed watching a video about growing plants. These children were planting green beans with wet cotton wool. The bigger children were having fun planting tomatoes, germinating seed in the soil and adding fertilizer.

All children also enjoyed the Math centre where they were encouraged to sort colors of the fishes. Children between the age of 3-6 were doing more difficult tasks such as classifying and grouping of fishes in the right containers.

Towards the end of the Edu Fair, all guests were led to Iguana Room where refreshments were served. Children and parents enjoyed the togetherness. It was a memorable day as children got to bring home little tokens from Blue Dolphin PlaySkool.

26 November 2011 - Parent Tea Party

It was a great moment for Blue Dolphin Playskool (BDP) having TEA PARTY with the parents, teachers and Blue Dolphin Management. Tea Party is a yearly event which enables BDP staff and the parents to have a sharing session over tea, getting to know each other and talk about the children.

“Love to Learn. Learn to Love” was an extraordinary theme. Through the theme we would like to share with the parents how the children love to learn through what they see, listen, touch and feel. They also learn to love someone else besides his or her parents (friends and teachers), learn how to share with others and how to socialize with new people at school.

The party ended with a nice cup of hot tea, snack and fruits. We had so much fun and laughter. Parents, teachers, children form one big and happy Blue Dolphin Playskool family.

5 November 2011 - A visit by an architect

On Saturday, 5 November 2011, Blue Dolphin PlaySkool Yogyakarta held a visit by an architect from 08.30 am - 11.45 am. This visit was divided into two sessions. The first session was for Play Time children, and the second session was for Play Group, K1, and K2 children.

The aim of this visit was to make our children aware about their surroundings, especially their house. The main purpose of this professional visit is to educate the children about parts of the house and also the usage of these areas.

We started this visit with Play Time. The children were so excited and wanted to know more from the architect. They liked guessing the pictures shown by the architect and enjoyed playing with the doll house. The doll house was a small replica of the house which had some furniture in it. The children also did coloring on a picture house. They definitely had a great time.

The second session was dedicated to Play Group, K1, and K2. These bigger children listen attentively to the architect’s explanation. They too had a good sharing session with the architect.

Everybody especially the children had been enriched with new knowledge about the profession of an architect.

8 October 2011 – Excursion to Papa Ron’s Pizza

An excursion to Papa Ron’s Pizza restaurant was an unforgettable experience for the children, teachers and parents. Being in a restaurant’s kitchen for the first time was really thrilling. With the assistance of the Papa Ron’s chef, every child was given the chance to spread the ingredients on the pizza bases. Some even learnt to cut the pizzas. The kids enjoyed the baking time especially using baking tools. All parents were very excited too. If possible, they sure loved to join the children in the kitchen and watched them baking and take photos.

While waiting for the pizza to be baked, the children did an artwork. They made pizza puzzle and decorated it using their imagination. The children decorated the paper pizza creatively by making lines, sorting and placing different colored toppings. It just made the kids more hungry.

Then, the waiters served the pizza and ice-lemon tea. It’s lunch time. All eyes were on the delicious pizza! Yummy !

17 September 2011 – Sport Day

Blue Dolphin Playskool had its first Sports Day. The theme was “Healthy Brain and Body Lead to Healthy Family”. It was all about FUN, FUN and FUN.

There were lots of games involving the brain and body activities. In the sorting games, children and parents had to work together to select one vehicle based on colors or shapes. The Completing Truck competition required children to complete the truck picture by putting parts of the truck together. The most favourite game was Spongebob, where children had to use sponge to collect water and squeeze it to fill up the cup. Parents also participated in Parents and Children competition in which parents had to carry their children (in their hands or on their backs) and pick and transport balls from one side to another.

After an exciting and tiring afternoon, everyone were served with cold drinks, ice-cream as well as fruits and snacks. Then, it was the moment all children were waiting for, ie. Prize Giving. The good news is every kid walked away with a prize!

Grandparents, parents and children had a wonderful bonding moments playing in a fun and healthy way!

27 August 2011 – A visit by Pilot

In line with our Transportation theme, Blue Dolphin PlaySkool has invited a pilot to speak to our children. On Saturday, 27 August 2011, we were very honored to receive Mr Frederick Situmorang, MMP. Mr Situmorang who works in the Indonesian airforce had shared stories about his job and responsibilities flying the airplane.

The children saw demonstrations on how the pilot operates using the headset and safety jacket. Mr Situmorang also presented a video clip on how to fly an aeroplane. These young audience are so fascinated observing the pilot in his pilot uniform. They also were given the opportunity to play around with the pilot’s headset and the safety jacket.

A big thank you and salute to Mr Situmorang for the aspiring session!

22 May 2011 – Exhibition & Recital

Blue Dolphin was so proud to present the children’s artwork. These artworks were the centre of attraction for Blue Dolphin Recital Day on 22nd May 2011. Parents and family members were invited to view all the children’s creative work.

In Iguana room, the children‘s computer printouts were displayed. Visitors could watch video clips of the kids doing Brain Gym® exercises. Colourful photos of children during the baking activity and children’s handprints on art paper were shown here too.

In the Antelope room, the parents could see the books and learning material used by teachers during Phonics lesson.

Zebra room presented the "Mathematics" station. Here, parents get to see the manipulatives kit used in Mathematics sessions. The kit was displayed so that parents know that Mathematics is not just about learning numbers.

After reviewing the exhibit, parents are treated with Songs, Dances and Dramas by Blue Dolphin Children.

Phonics Drama demonstrates a tea break session in Blue Dolphin.The set up was in the skool’s café. So, there was food and drinks. While eating, Teacher Santi take the opportunity to teach phonics.

There was a part in the act when children had to eat their food. It turned out that these actors and actresses take their own time to finish their muffins. Suddenly, the entire performance paused. The audience were smiling while watching the kids enjoy their snacks.

It’s amazing how these kids could follow the script and create this performance. Well done kids!

Towards the end of the recital, both parents and children had surprising moments. Children were giving out ‘hearts’ to show their love and appreciation to their parents. These ‘hearts’ were sewn by children and teachers. Many parents and teachers were moved to tears.

Next, the teachers were giving out ‘stars’ to the children. The ‘stars’ symbolize the teachers’ recognition of children’s efforts and struggles during the academic year.

Thank you to everyone!

9 April 2011 - A Day in Museum

Blue Dolphin children had the opportunity to visit an airforce museum in Dirgantara Mandala Museum on Saturday, 9th April 2011. Children were excited with the aeroplanes because they are big in size and varied. Children even enjoyed taking pictures with the helicopter. From the statues of the airforce heroes, children learnt about the spirit of bravery and independence. The children agreed that they really had lots of fun and would love to come back again.

7 March 2011 – Edu-Fair: “The Blue Dolphin Way of Learning”

The highlights of this event were:

  1. Children and parents experienced Blue Dolphin Playskool’s education system. The kids sat in the classrooms; got acquainted to the teacher, learning materials, manipulatives and enjoyed participating the activities.
  2. Familiarise the multi-modal learning system. Children are exposed to visual, auditory and kinesthetic ways of learning.
  3. Different media and technology available in the playskool.
  4. Hands-on activities using the different learning toolkits such as the
    • Montessori equipment
    • Computers
    • Brain Gym®
  5. Children demonstrated their creativity through baking. Under close supervision, the children baked and decorated the cup-cakes. The children proudly brought home the cup-cakes as a gift from Blue Dolphin Playskool.

4 March 2011 – A visit to Post Office

Every month, the Blue Dolphin children will look forward towards an outdoor activity. In March, our children visited the Post Office which is located on Jl. Pangeran Senopati (near Malioboro).

In the Post Office, the children sat on the mats and waited patiently. We were greeted and guided by the marketing officer, Ms Ria. Ms Ria spoke about the function of the Post Office. Then, it was time for some activities.

The Playtime children were so excited about pasting and colouring the post cards while the Playgroup children cut and decorated the post cards. The bigger kids had a chance to demonstrate their writing skills. Finally, all the kids were given stamps. After pasting the stamp on the postcards, the children walked in a single line towards the post box.

It was definitely a new and delightful feeling for all the kids having to drop their post cards into the post box. Hopefully, mommies and daddies have received the post cards by now.

8 January 2011 – Dentistry Day

On 8 January 2011, drg. St. K. Budiono Halim, the dentist, came to our school. This visit was special as the children had a dental checkup and the dentist also shared with the children the importance of a healthy teeth and oral hygiene. The children were taught the right method to brush teeth.

These kids enjoyed brushing the artificial teeth while singing the song ‘Sikat Gigi’. The parents too benefitted from this visit. They learnt the technique to protect their children’s teeth from decay and how to encourage children to brush their teeth.

The dentist emphasized that brushing teeth while taking a bath is not encouraged. In Blue Dolphin PlaySkool, we practiced oral hygiene after tea breaks.

5 December 2010 – A Day in Blue Dolphin

In early December 2010, Blue Dolphin Playskool hosted an Edufair - A Day in Blue Dolphin. The objective of this event was to provide an opportunity for newcomers to experience the daily activities conducted in Blue Dolphin Playskool. Our playskool proudly presents its facilities , learning system and equipment to all its guests. The event began with a song and dance performance by Blue Dolphin students. The new children had an opportunity to experience lessons in the classrooms. Each classroom showcased the works of our existing students and the teachers conducted short lessons. The children participated in the experiential learning sessions while enjoying the learning tools and materials. We hoped that both parents and children brought home an enjoyable memory and experience of A Day in Blue Dolphin.

13 November 2010 – A visit by the Police

Two policewomen visited Blue Dolphin Playskool on 13 November 2011. This meeting session was meant to introduce the job of a police to our children. At the same time, we like our children to know that police officers are friendly people and whom they can get close to.

Police Officers Mrs Yuli and Mrs Henis Catur from Poltabes Jogjakarta were very entertaining and they captured the children’s attention.

Our children learnt everything about safety. The officers demonstrated how to wear a helmet correctly, introduced them to traffic signs and show them the way to cross the street safely. The Police Officers further explained the purpose and importance of wearing a helmet.

By the end of the visit, our children looked so enlightened with this new experience. Besides, they now begin to comprehend the real meaning of ‘stop’, ‘wait’.

We thank you all the parents and children of Blue Dolphin Playskool who have supported in this event. We sure look forward to more exciting events in the near future.

18 October 2010 – A Day in Fire Department

Real life experience is far more valuable than theory.

On Monday, 18 October 2010, our children and teachers went to the Fire Department. Mr Farid, the coordinator of the fire department welcomed us and read us some stories about disaster and fire.

Speaking in simple language, he entertained and educated all of us. Mr Farid also introduced the Fire Robot Man to the chldren. Some children shook his hand while others were so scared although Mr. Farid has opened the robot’s mask to show that the robot was actually a man.

Mr. Farid and crew have allowed the children to experience sitting on big vehicles such as fire engines. Fadey, our youngest child, did not want to get out from the car as he enjoyed driving.

The Blue Dolphin kids definitely enjoyed this fulfilling experience.

28 September 2010 – Racial Harmony Day

Blue Dolphin Playskool realizes it is crucial to expose children to diverse culture and race. Together with World Peace celebration which is held annualy on 21 September, Blue Dolphin Playskool invites children to join Costume Party.

The children model and parade different types of national costumes. These participants must be able to talk about the costume in front of the two judges, Madame Marie (The Director of LIP-Lembaga Indonesia Perancis) and Ms. Sarah Elton (from Alaska-USA).

Teacher Santi as the costume contest coordinator says, "It is not physical appearance that we judge on but more on their inner beauty.”

The winner is Cholila, a four year old girl, the 1st runner up is Meaghan, a two year old girl, and the 2nd runner up is Raphaela Azarya, a Play Group student of Blue Dolphin Playskool.

The Costume Party were filled with great fun and laughter. The children also participated and enjoyed the four games prepared by the commitee: family race, colour pool, basket ball and donut mania.

28 August 2010 – Tea Party with Parents

A Tea Party was held on Saturday, 28 August 2010. This activity was a communication session between the teachers and parents. The setting was in a cozy and casual environment, hence, allowing the parents to communicate with the teachers.

This Tea Party enables the parent to have one-to-one session with the teacher too. Parents get to hear how their kids are progressing in class and at the same time teachers receive feedback on how the children are reacting at home.

So far, all parents feel satisfied with Blue Dolphin’s curriculum and learning methodology.

They are impressed that their children are now able to sing songs in English and in Mandarin. Blue Dolphin would encourage parents to work hand-in-hand with the teachers in nurturing and teaching the children.

We like parents to understand more of what is happening in school so they can continue their support at home.

21 August 2010 – Pjyamas Party

Pjyamas party was held on Saturday, 21 August 2010. This activity was meant for teaches the children good habits before going to sleep. At first, the children made their own milk in Eagle cafe before the teachers taught them to brush their teeth and clean their feet and hands. In Zebra room, the teachers helped the children to wear their pjyamas.

Bedtime story was told by Teacher Nilam. At the end of storytelling session, the teachers let the children see milkyways projected on the wall. All the children were so excited to touch them while singing Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star with Teacher Titi.

The children pretended to wake up in the next morning by moving into Iguana room. Here, Teacher Emy led the physical exercises and body movements.

Next, children learn to make sandwich together. This activity incorporates many aspects of practical life skills such as handling cutleries, table manners as well as be responsible and respect the cleanliness of the common areas.

Parents’ feedbacks were positive and very encouraging.

"Beyond the doorsteps of my life into the horizon of knowledge and innovation"