Past Workshops


13 March 2011 – Parent Seminar: Unleash Your Child’s nBrain Power

On March 13, 2011, a Parent Seminar was held in Blue Dolphin Playskool . The guest speaker was Bu Ratri Sunar A, S.Psi, M.Si lecturer and a child psychology expert at the Faculty of Sanata Dharma University. Here is an excerpt from Bu Ratri’s speech:

Function of the Brain

  • Frontal Lobe: Self-regulation, problem solving, goal setting, social cognition.
  • Occipital Lobe: Vision and perception
  • Parietal Lobe: Sensory motor perception, spatial Abilities
  • Temporal Lobe: Hearing, language, memory, social-emotional function

Left Brain is responsible for logic, calculation, speech, reading, writing, and analysis. Right Brain takes care of personality, creativity, intuition, implementation, performance, and art.

There are several factors that support brain development:

  1. Balanced and healthy food Good diet helps in the child’s physical development as well as have some effect on the mood and behaviour of the child.
  2. Environmental factors give a big hand in a child's intelligence. First experience and stimulation in children affect brain development. Brain areas that develop later will be related to these abilities: Self-control or self-regulation, language/communication, learning, social and emotional function. Parent and child interaction is a key role in the social base of Early Brain Development.

Examples of stimulation

  • Rolling the ball, touching an animal, open the book, hear, touching, talking, listening, tasting, smelling, playing, singing, looking and running.
  • Conversing directly with children is a good stimulation.

Children learn through repetition. Repetition will strengthen a child's vocabulary and language skills. In the essence, it is very important to take note that parents have a very critical role in the child’s brain growth and development.

2 July 2010 – Parent Seminar: Initial Steps to Optimized Our Children’s Potential

Blue Dolphin Playskool began to step ahead by inviting parents to Jl. Sagan 1 no 1 Yogyakarta on July 2, 2010 to interact in a seminar entitled “Initial Steps To Optimize Our Children’s Potential”. It was an event dedicated to parents and those caring about the potential growth of their children in their golden period.

The seminar invited two major speakers: Ratri Sunar Astuti S.Psi.,M.Si and Th. Ani Larasati,Psi.,M.Si., from Sanata Dharma University, explained that “children will enjoy both cognitive and behavioral development when their caretakers including teachers and parents stimulate them well in their early years.”

The speakers highlighted that every child is unique and hence must be treated and handled differently.

They added that it in the best interest of all parents to choose the best school for their children. So, their advice is that parents must pay attention to more than just the physical appearance of the school; ie. education system, learning methodology and its educational services.

Furthermore, Yati Kairi and Sophy Malik, International Education Consultants from Blue Dolphin International, who have more than 20 years experience in education, also emphasized that “learning through playing” is an effective learning methodology for pre-schoolers.

“Learning is not just in the brain but in the body too.“

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