Join Blue Dolphin is really a blessing for us. We want to get the best for our children and we can get it from Blue Dolphin. The concept of teaching, the materials everyday, the activities inside and outside the classroom, the food, etc are so satisfying. Moreover, all the teachers teach our children with all their heart. They treat our children as their own. We really thank Blue Dolphin for giving us all the best you can give. Blessed Blue Dolphin!

Annaretti Teiseran / Samuel Dave Abraham Budhy

Ruth enjoys school since her first day at Blue Dolphin. She feels loved and cared by the teachers. Her school days are full of excitement, she loved her teachers and friends and eager for new activity at school.

Now it is her second year at Blue Dolphin not only that she speak and understand English better, she also becoming more independent and confident.

Tara Yuanita / Ruth Arcelia Murali

Actually, Blue Dolphin Playskool is like Jennifer’s second home. She also enjoys with the activities in it. She so enjoys with activities in it. I saw that J is more cheerful and excited when the time is coming to go to school. Mommy J is so glad to know it.

In Blue Dolphin Playskool, J can explore more her independent to learning something new. Day by day, J learns more and more good knowledges which are unpredictable and mommy J got surprises about it. Not just learning about academic materials but also learning about good attitudes and social life.

In fact, J loves Blue Dolphin Playskool much and I can say that J’s progress in 5 months is awesome. Hope J always keep smiling, keep learning and keep shining with Blue Dolphin Playskool and growing to be a smart and nice girl.

Angelica Yenny Sentanu / Jennifer Stanny Lee

Shy, not confident, withdrawl, less talk, that are I could describe my little girl, Faye. I thought I need to send her to school so she can interact with other kids and solve the problems. Many school we have tried bu Faye didn’t enjoy the class. When she enjoyed the class in other school, I did not match with the curriculum with Indonesian language as the main language.

My friend told me about BDP so I went to survey. Faye seems to like the school and so do I. When the Vice Principal explained the school about the curriculum, activities, vision and mission, she convince me to register Faye here. This school has 3 languages : English- Indonesian- Mandarin with English as the main language. They also teach alphabets and Maths.

First month she joined class, she was so sticky to me. It became difficult for her to separate from me in the adjustment stage. She always cried at class looking for her mom until felt asleep. She even rejected to go to school. But she can passed it for 3 weeks and she can joined the class without crying. Now she is very enjoying every time she spends at school. Besides, she is more independent now and not shy anymore.

On May, I doubted her can preform at stage without her mom accompany her. But unbelievable, she can do the performance at the stage with her friends and teachers without mommy near her.

A lot of flash cards and books that BDP gave us and the books in the library were very useful for the kids. Just only less than 2 months me and my little girl play with part of body flash card, Faye can recognize and tell me each name part of the body.

The teachers give the children session about phonics. I think this is great with the songs to sing. At home, I teach Faye about the alphabet letter. Now, on her 28 months old, she can spell every letter word of vocabulary. The vice principal also wants to join the class, get closer to each kid. Parents and teachers together teach our children to make great progress for every kid.

Thanks to all teachers. Six thumbs up for all of the teachers at BDP from me, my husband and Faye.

Keep struggling for the best!

Vera Sugiaman / Faye Koesno

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