Our Curriculum
PRACTICAL LIFE SKILLS (MIND MANUFACTURING) helps the child to gain control in the coordination of his movement and gain independence and adapt to his society. Supporting subjects are
1. Practical Life & Moral Studies
2. Physical Development (Brain Gym movements and physical exercises)
ACADEMIC (MIND PLANNING ) provides the academic skills such as reading and comprehension, listening, numeracy, writing and science. Supporting subjects are
3. Language (Phonics)
4. Mathematics
5. Chinese
6. Bahasa Indonesia
7. Science
CREATIVITY (MIND MAXIMIZING) fosters mental growth by providing opportunities to try out new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Supporting subjects are
8. Creativity (Mind Mapping, Baking)
9. Computer Studies
ARTS (MIND MANIPULATING) focuses on developing and nurturing the child’s artistic talents. Supporting subject is
10. Art (Drawing & painting, rhythm and music, speech and drama)
The above curriculum is designed in an environment that is conducive for Cognitive, Physical as well as Social and Emotional development of a child.
"Beyond the doorsteps of my life into the horizon of knowledge and innovation"