Blue Dolphin International

Blue Doplhin specialised in children education and enrichment programmes for children up to 6 years old.
Blue Dolphin's offerings include:

  • PlaySkool
  • PlayNest
  • PlayCamp
  • Play&Learn
  • PhonicSkool
  • BrainWorks
  • Skool4Educators
  • KidzPlay
  • KidzWare
  • Party4Kidz
  • ParentzClub

Blue Dolphin PlaySkool

Blue Dolphin PlaySkool is a pre-school targetted for children aged 18 months to 6 years. PlaySkool provides pre-school education and prepares children for a formal learning. Children learn to communicate and interact with other children, develop basic etiquettes like greetings, sharing food and toys, and acquire practical skills such as eating, cleaning and dressing up independently.
All these activities help the children to develop behaviourally, cognitively, emotionally and socially.

Blue Dolphin PlayNest

Blue Dolphin PlayNest provides before and after school care. While parents are at work, parents feel rest assured to leave the children under our dedicated care in a safe environment.
The objectives of Blue Dolphin PlayNest are to :

  • boost the child’s self-confidence and independence through group interaction
  • introduce the joys of learning through companionship and recreational activities
  • stimulate the child’s curiosity with sufficient opportunity for discovery and imagination
  • develop new skills and talents for further learning
  • inculcate good habits, social manners and etiquettes

Blue Dolphin PlayCamp

The PlayCamp programs offer a wealth of enrichment activities such as theater, sports, field trips, and cooking/baking workshops.
At Blue Dolphin PlayCamp, you may find children creating a meal or cake, playing sport or planning a play. BDP teachers are there alongside the children, facilitating, guiding, and illustrating that learning does not have to take on the tone and texture of a traditional school day.
What will your child will gain from joining our PlayCamp?

  • Learn new skills
  • Interesting activities and games
  • Interaction among children
  • Engaging performances
  • Excursion to interesting places

Some of the programmes are:
  • Creative Acting, Singing, Speaking Confidently
  • Fun Learning with Cooking and Baking
  • Creative Learning with Physical Activities

Blue Dolphin Play&Learn

Blue Dolphin Play&Learn offers enrichment courses which focuses on children learning development in a fun way. Play&Learn provides children with new skills as well as enables them to develop an interest, gain useful experience and explore new hobby.
The courses offered are designed especially for children below 9 years old:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Ballet
  • Music
  • Art
  • Swiming

Blue Dolphin PhonicSkool

In Blue Dolphin PhonicSkool, we use research-based methods to turn kids into better readers, writers and spellers. Research has found that successful readers are able to do two things very well. They:

  • Phonetically sound out unfamiliar words
  • Recognize a wide range of sight words. These are words that do not follow phonetic rules and simply need to be memorized by a child.

At Blue Dolphin PhonicSkool, children learn both these skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Every lesson, your child will:
  • Receive instruction with Phonics programme
  • Learn new words/skills. Your child will be provided with personalized, fun activities to take home and then practice the words and skills
  • Play phonics and sight word games
  • Read out loud from books individually selected for the child’s level

Blue Dolphin BrainWorks

Maximise child brain’s potential with Brain training programmes.
Experience whole-brain integration through whole-body movement. Learn the BrainGym activities and other methodology of BrainGym as you discover an exciting tool for reaching personal goals.

Blue Dolphin Skool4Educator

Early childhood educators play an important role in exposing the children to various topics at a young age and fostering their interest.
Blue Dolphin offers teacher professional development workshops to equip teachers with knowledge and skills to guide children to explore and spark their interest from young age.

Blue Dolphin KidzPlay

From art with found objects, to real-life jobs, to your classic jungle gyms and slides, indoor play can take many forms.From the best play spots for toddlers to children’s climbing walls, the most important is our kids are having fun.

Blue Dolphin KidzWare

Looking for fashionable kids clothing, KidzWare is where the place to buy kids clothing, baby outfits, cute dresses and stylish childrens' wear.

Blue Dolphin Party4Kidz

Celebrate Kids’ birthday with Blue Dolphin in your favourite themes. Party4Kidz will make your little one’s dreams come true. With different types of fun play and lots of games facilitated by professionals.

Blue Dolphin ParentzClub

The series of workshops to help parents through the parenting journey are conducted in Blue Dolphin.