In Blue Dolphin PhonicSkool, we use research-based methods to turn kids into better readers, writers and spellers. Research has found that successful readers are able to do two things very well. They:

  • Phonetically sound out unfamiliar words
  • Recognize a wide range of sight words. These are words that do not follow phonetic rules and simply need to be memorized by a child.

At Blue Dolphin PhonicSkool, children learn both these skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Every lesson, your child will:

  • Receive instruction with Phonics program
  • Learn new words/skills. Your child will be provided with personalized, fun activities to take home and then practice the words and skills
  • Play phonics and sight word games
  • Read out loud from books individually selected for the child’s level
"Beyond the doorsteps of my life into the horizon of knowledge and innovation"