About Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin PlaySkool is an education for children aged 18 months – 6 years old. Focusing on the programmes for childcare, pre-school, and kindergarten, our teachers are equipped with soft and hard skills to nurture and facilitate our children. Blue Dolphin’s method of learning emphasises a holistic approach which covers cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development in a child. Every child is gifted with unique talents and intelligence. We acknowledge that the readiness to learn varies from child to child.

Our Vision & Mission


  • To provide a holistic education that caters to the natural dexterity of pre-school children


  • Provide a safe, enjoyable but stimulating learning environment for the students to develop their talents individually as well as in a group.
  • Optimise the child’s potentials and develop their personal, social, cultural and academic abilities
  • Increase the child’s knowledge and skills to achieve academic excellence and prepare them for formal learning

Our Motto & Core Values


“Beyond the Doorsteps of My Life into the Horizon of Knowledge and Innovation” explains that Blue Dolphin PlaySkool is ready to commit and invest in ways to bring each child into a new world of learning and discovery.


Blue Dolphin's core values, Hearts, are the main pillars for the school to build school culture and ethics for teachers, children, parents as the stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

Blue Dolphin PlaySkool offers an international standard education based on MiMaCo (Mind Management Concept) system. MiMaCo learning methodology maximises each child’s potentials, provides the child with a student-centered learning experience and support the child in his learning journey to becoming a happy and successful person.