National Geographic Kids

With its motto, “Make learning fun”, National Geographic Kids is truly aligned with Blue Dolphin PlaySkool’s learning approach. Facilitating Blue Dolphin children with National Geographic Kids Books and its virtual platform will complete the purpose of our Science learning and activities in Blue Dolphin PlaySkool. The children can access science games, videos, and updates in its website. 

Blue Dolphin PlaySkool is viewing Science as a wider knowledge. We are in partner with National Geographic Kids because it can facilitate our science approach. With the eagerness to introduce geography, animals, ethnics, and space to our children, we encourage children to enjoy their curiosity toward wider world through EXPERIENCING and EXPERIMENTING.


This system works to send parents real-time children’s attendance and teacher-parent communications. We apply this system to simplify information tracking for parents, teachers, and administrative staff. You can access this system on a mobile phone app. In Blue Dolphin, this system is powered by Littlelives. 


  • Attendance: Realtime Check In/Out
  • Portfolio: student daily report
  • Health Activities: daycare children
  • Conversation: parents and teachers
  • Report: for school administration updates and review

Jolly Phonics

Blue Dolphin PlaySkool chose Jolly Phonics to support its English Language learning because it uses the synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory, enabling children to become fluent readers and write well. 

Each Blue Dolphin child is facilitated with Jolly readers. Whether the children are strong in auditory, visual, or kinesthetic, they can really enjoy the learning time through storytelling and song, pictures in the big book, or action. The children are well-equipped with reading and writing skills which are needed for their higher education. 

Origo Stepping Stone

In this 5G era, embracing the digital platform and introducing it to children is a must. So, they can use this technology wisely and for good purposes. 

Using Origo to support our Math lessons is the right decision. Blue Dolphin PlaySkool utilises both first-hand and digital activities to learn and experience Math. 

Math is fun and Math is around us. Blue Dolphin PlaySkool transfers these values to the children. All the play, problem-solving, and learning encourage children to love Math. They master Math not only for its number problems, but also for its Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Arithmetic.